The Waverley Oct 12th

Sold Out: Moontricks

The Waverly Hotel, April 13th, 2018
Moontricks are returning and with them is local legend Dj Skian for Mt. Eliahs LAST dance party at the Wave for the winter season!!

Sold Out: Frase and Sam Klassik

The Waverly Hotel, Mar 10th, 2018
FRASE is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer. Sam Klassik is a manifestation of organic and electronic cross pollination. BUTTERFLYWINGTIP defines their sound as roots-electro, dancehall pop, and surf-dub.

Sold Out: Illvis Freshly, Deficit (UK) and Mt Doyle

The Waverly Hotel, Mar 2nd, 2018
Triple header event! LIVE Hip Hop, Uk Ghetto funk and everything in-between.